We realized that an animal lover is very different from general people in the society, so we took a step forward to distinguish them from others & help them do their animal related activities.


Step 1- Provide us a self attested copy of your Adhaar card at our office address or EMail the copy to

Step 2- Provide us certain details – 1. Contact Number, 2. Contact Address, 3. Your localities where you do your activities, 4. A brief profile about you. EMail these details to-

Step 3- Provide us a recent passport size photograph to be affixed to your I-Card.

Step 4- Processing Fees of Rs.200/- is applicable.

Step 5- Your member login details and I-Card shall be couriered to your address.



Publish Online: Access to our website back-end to post your activities with pictures. You shall get your own personal web-link which you can publish. You can always participate in public discussion forums on our website.

Get Funded:A payment link can be activated for any of your ongoing activities which requires funding, and the web-link of that activity can be published. Similarly each member page also can have a payment link. Your donor shall get all benefits donating to charity including tax benefits, and also get receipts of donations.

Get Assistance: Our members help each other. In case you find yourself in problem related animal rescue, feeding, treatment, etc., you may dial us or any of our members to get help.

Be Informed: We conduct get-together camps for our members impart knowledge about animal welfare and discuss issues related to animal welfare activities. We also propagate latest activities on web.

Be Dignified: We provide our members with Rehabitat I-Card, being a member you have the backing and support of all our other members. Along with I-Card we can also assist you in getting colony-caretaker certificate from Govt.