About Us

Rehabitat Foundation – an animal welfare organisation based out of Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Our objectives have been to keep up the natural habitat for animals and an ecological balance where man and animals can co-exist. Our focus however, is on stray and orphan animals around towns and cities of India. We believe if every one in our society do their bit towards animals around them, we could become an animal-friendly man-society.

Our members feed stray dogs, cats, stray cattle, birds etc., wherever and how much ever is possible. We try to arrange waste food (animal edible) for our members from hotels and restaurants. In our cities stray animals are never fed properly, its humane to feed stray as you feed your pets.

We have dedicated members, who either rescue or do onsite treatment for injured and diseased stray animals. They are trained and work under guidance of professionals. We have access to mini vans to carry animals for veterinary care. We could attend to several emergency calls every day by virtue of our members.

We grow as our list of members grow. Only our strong group of members can spread correct, informative message about animals in the society. This can inspire several others in the society to step forward to care animals. Therefore our aim is to grow by numbers and work under proper guidance, so that we together with our members can become the torch-bearer in our societies for animal care.